Today's Butt Smoke

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Sep 17, 2006
West Virginia
I got me a nice 8 lb pork butt todays smoke. Rubbed it all down with mustard, covered it with my rub and when the MB 7 in 1 was at 225 and smoking, I placed it in on the grate. Came back inside, sat down and realized I didn't put the digital thermometer probe in the meat! Back out to the smoker I go and, being this is my first butt and it has the bone in it, I felt that I should try and keep it away from the bone?. I set the alarm to sound at 140 ( I'm going to foil it) and one hour later I hear it! Oops! I guess I had it too close to the bone anyway. Repositioned the probe and it showed an internal temp of 95, thats better. Now it's starting to rain a little. Oh well, I was up too late last night and I have to work again tonight from 8pm until 2am. At least in between, I can enjoy my smoking and tomorrow I will feast! Hears a pic of the "before" and I will try to post a pic of the "after".

Okay........It is finished! I never dreamed it would take 16 hours to reach 200 degrees! Since I had to leave for work, I double foiled it and placed it in the oven. I got off earlier than expected and arrived home just before 2am and it was at 199 degrees. When it hit 200, I let it rest for about 45 minutes and when I began pulling it, it just fell apart. Delicious doesn't do it justice! (Does it get any better than this?) I have a fresh batch of my Bbq sauce and Finishing Sauce ready and I'm looking forward to today's feast. Once again I have to thank Jeff and the folks here on the SMF. With your help, I'm getting this "smoking thing" down pretty good.

looking good so far...

couple of words of advice about using your MB 7 n 1... make sure you watch the liquid in the waterpan, it does boil out rather quickly. i dont know if you wrap your chips/chunks in tinfoil but i do, they burn off rather quickly if you dont..

have fun
Hey dude! ... have ya got some one to watch your meat when you go to work tonight? It may not be done before you leave (fingers crossed for ya) though!
Nice lookin' piece of meat ....
... "What no frog's legs?"
Thanks for the fingers crossed! I have already recruited my sons to be on stand-by if things run a little late. Also, my wife will be here but she will be busy preparing the rest of the feast for tomorrow. I wanted to start earlier but the need to sleep over ruled!
That's good looking smokeman. One thing about it a good Mountaineer can designate family chores and get it done in spite of obstacles. I know it will do just fine. Have fun.

Also, I did take a pic prior to pulling but accidentally deleted it. Being tired will make me do things like that. My bad. It did have a nice bark just like I like it.
Yes the water does boil away pretty fast! I found that out rather fast and I always keep an eye on it. I wonder if you were only using the top grate if it would help to move the water pan up on the lower grate a little more away from the fire/flames? I might have to try that.
i just caught the amount of time to get to temp thing .... we used to foil wrap & cook briskets on steam lines in oil refineries usually250 ( takes trust from the other shift but 12-18 hrs foil triple wrapped w/ veggies over a steam line- we used to eat good on turn arounds- unwrap the brisket- shred & stick in a crock pot w/ a few tomatos for 4-6 hours more & chili seasoning.. beats eating off the "roach coach" or a sandwich in a box. any other "refinery trash, turnaround hounds" anyone here know of this cooking ? i really didn't elaborate but i will give the recipe.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.