Today is slicing day, Back Bacon Dry cure and Donair Loaf

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Jan 27, 2021
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Another post on Back Bacon, my 2nd time , first was great .This one also.

4 pork loins ,weighed and than dry cured. In the fridge for 12 days. Than cold bath for an hour , changed water at 30 min.
# I did normal and 1 i tried to make it Maple flavor, so i added 1 teaspoon of Maple extract to a 1.360 kg loin
3rd picture , that's it in the front

In the smoker for 1 hour at 110F with hickory . Than 3 1/2 hours at 200F. IT of 152deg.F
I tied them as I wanted them a little rounder when finished
The maple one I coated in Maple syrup also as it went in



Let cool than wrapped in cling wrap and in the fridge for 2 more days. Than out and sliced all , Mostly thin for bacon , but some for like breakfast hams, Tastes real good.
The Maple one was very nice but I will double the Maple extract next time to see if it gets stronger or stays the same.



This should hold me for a week or so.


Thanks for looking
Here is a Link to What Donairs are :



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That’s excellent David, and I like the longer cure time. Some cut that short, not a good deal. I bet yours is delicious.

Thanks Smokin for the like and the comments

Yes it was 2 1/2 " for 1 at the thickest so they all stayed in for the right time plus a day to fit my timing to get at it .
It was hard to leave in the fridge for the extra 2 days after smoked
And for flavor, really nice , but as an experiment I am going to double the Maple extract so I know which is best . I can taste it , but will try for a little stronger.
It must have been good as Mona was picking while I was slicing, lol. and she did not care if it was the Maple 1 or the other 3
These are just like small Hams

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Looks great brother and very informative! Appreciate it as i start venturing more out of my comfort zone with different things.

Thanks crusader for the comment

Glad you found it interesting, and I know what you mean. I am so cautious about getting
the right amount of cure into the batches . But that's a good thing

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