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To Smoke Or To Grill? That Is The Question...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by leah elisheva, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Greetings Folks! And happy Friday to all!

    While I'd gotten into a pretty comfy and cozy 'smoked' jag of things recently; I am finding a couple odd menus (smelts for example) to be far better, when they are grilled.

    Conversely, some traditional grilled favorites of mine, (bluefish, cuttlefish, lobster), have been far better when smoked.

    The quandary thus, as to smoke or grill on any given day, gets really exciting, depending upon what is being served.

    Case in point, today I had "whiting" (which may be mere "bait" to some, and yet I munch my way through the bones, skin, fins, and all) and then grilled up some simple bison ribeye, later on.

    Both meals are things which I smoked and posted some days or weeks ago, in their respective categories here; and yet today, I liked both of THOSE particular items a tiny bit better, when grilled.

    I think with the meat, that being able to eat cooked fat, and yet have the steak COLD in the middle, takes priority for me.

    And with the whiting, it just was that much easier to eat the whole thing(s) when it was crisped up via the heat of the grill.

    Yet with 90% of the menus I eat, I still actually prefer MOST things smoked. Interesting stuff.

    All of this to say, that I'd love to hear YOUR comments on the things you feel are better smoked, and the things you far prefer grilled. I learn so much here! Thank you tons!

    Cheers!!! - Leah

  2. pc farmer

    pc farmer Epic Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I cook what ever I can on my uds.  If I want smoke flavor I add wood if I want grill flavor I just use charcoal.

    Depends on what I am cooking.

    Pizza gets no smoke.  EVER.

    By the way, your foods look so good.
  3. Thank you C Farmer!

    That makes great sense! (Although smoked pizza could be interesting too, right)?

    But that's so helpful and it's really fun to hear what different people do and prefer etc..

    Cheers and happy weekend to you!!! So many thanks!!!! - Leah
  4. pc farmer

    pc farmer Epic Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I tried smoked pizza.  

    Its wasnt for me but I will use smoked mozz on it.
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  5. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Taboo subject you brought up here!

    I will jump in.

    Some things I like better grilled.  Some I like smoked.  Some I like grilled with a little smoke added?

    Others, people do on their grill or smoker when an oven, fry pan or flat top would do fine.

    Take the tri tip for a mind bender.

    It is great smoked or grilled.

    I like mine grilled.

    Others will have a totally different opinion.

    No problem.  Whatever will please your taste or the taste of your loved ones is fine with me!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  6. Hello Leah.  This dilemma may just be caused by the way the terms smoked and grilled are used.  C farmer hit the nail for me but I think many folks here use "smoked" to say low and slow and grilled to say hot and fast.  I mentioned this to you in a previous post about steak.  There is no reason you can't add smoke to your hot and fast cook.  You will get less penetration of smoke but the flavour will be there albeit more subtle.  That's why I said before that the smoke when grilling can even be white smoke.  So long as the lid is not put on and you are grilling REALLY hot and fast, even white smoke is moving so fast it doesn't have the time to leave that nasty taste that would normally occur if cooking low and slow.  Just like a flare up of fire can be a disaster when doing low and slow, when grilling hot and fast and moving the meat quite a bit it can be a good thing especially with steaks ( think flame grilled ).  I guess I would have to ask if by using "grill" do you mean hot and fast without added smoke, or hot and fast with added smoke?  I have added a thread below to show what I mean about how the terms are used.  This product is cold smoked which of course is always little to no heat but even with cold smoke we can be talking about a fast or a slow process depending on the product being smoked.  Well, I think I have thoroughly confused myself so I will shut up now. [​IMG]   Have fun.  Keep Smokin!


  7. Hey Danny, Venture & C Farmer!

    That's just such fascinating stuff! I am impressed with the combination which many people here do uses, (part grilled or smoked - finished off a certain way), and that link was wonderful too Danny! Thanks!

    And I agree with all of you, in that when you have what you like, and how you like it, (this is true with wine certainly too), it's always best!

    An interesting subject to think about though indeed. With my hot and fast meat, I think the grill is giving me better results but with more effort, I am learning from you all that I could achieve anything on the smoker too. Such fun!

    Today I'm having bluefish and so the daily decision, to smoke or to grill, begins to take shape again!!! Smiles. But what a fun dilemma to have to solve, right? Thanks for your great shared thoughts above! It's just so interesting and helpful too!

    Cheers! - Leah
  8. Hi Leah-

    Glad to see you're still up to your usual shenanigans!!   I love smelt grilled or fried, they are so wonderfully crispy, from the whistle to the gristle. Smoking seems to really bring out the deep, oily, flavor, so not my fav.

    Your whiting plate is a work of art!!  Even if it was inedible, you could give it a good thick coat of Krylon & use it for a holiday decoration!!
  9. Happy Saturday Mark!!!! And Me's Shenanigan's indeed are up!

    Today I grilled simple bluefish, and that was wonderful, and yet when smoked, it's been phenomenal too! Ahh the quandary...

    But thank you very much for lovely comments! Indeed.

    Perhaps I can thus shellac the whiting, and then give them as holiday ornaments to hang on the tree??? (If that doesn't get me removed from all baby shower, wedding, and open house lists, I don't know what will). Therefore it's brilliant, this idea, and a must do!

    Meanwhile, here's to one delicious Saturday!!

    One of my zany videos is coming tomorrow (on Sunday) for the fish and the wine sections!!!

    Cheers to you!!!! - Leah