Time to try Sauerkraut

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First try at Sauerkraut.


I must have made a mistake and added way to much salt!

Good crunch, way to salty, no kraut taste.

Oh well... If at first you don't succeed...
We bought a 2 gallon crock a few years ago off of Amazon. It takes about 10 pounds of cabbage. I buy the cabbage plants in the spring don't really pay attention to the type. Last year heads were huge, not round but flattened. We will add apple chunks. We just vacuum packed the last of last falls product.



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Looks great Sam !
Careful with that board .
Was just the money shot. Put them down in my shop. How vigorous does the ferment get? Homebrewing gets pretty active and you need to oversize the fermenter to prevent blowout from the airlock.
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