Time to smoke a butt

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Oct 30, 2013
Weatherford Tx.
Well this will be my first butt and my first overnight smoke tonight. Hopefully all turns out well. I picked up a butt from my local butcher a week ago and put it in the freezer. I got it all thawed out this morning and seasoned up. Im guessings its about 7#. Not totally sure because they gave it to me for free so they didnt weigh it. I made my own rub. Its similar to one i have do e for st. Louis ribs in the past that i really enjoyed...but i didnt write it down. So i tried to get close from memory. Its a paprika base with salt pepper onion and garlic powder. Nothing crazy. Ill be starting it at about 8 tonight. As for now she is wrapped up in the fridge. As far as wood goes i did a mix of hickory and cherry last week on a chicken that i really liked. How do yall think that would taste with a butt?

Hello.  Sounds like a good plan AND you already learned a valuable lesson.  KEEP A SMOKING LOG.  Include recipes, starting weight, cook times, cook temp, outside temp, windy/still, anything you can think of.  Helps to recreate a process or tweak a recipe. Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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The butt came out great! I started having temp issues in my uds so when the butt hit 170 i wrapped it with some beer and put it in the oven. At 190 it was tearing apart easily. The rub i made was excelent. Even though the outside was a bit crispy it was still good. It paired well with the bbq sauce i made.
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