Time for my first brisket...

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Jan 5, 2014
Western Suburbs of Chicagoland
I did a corned beef brisket a while back, but never have done into a standard flat, so today's the day... Actually picked it up at a beef farm in Freeport, IL (Marbach's) and while it doesn't have that big of a fat layer on it, even after having been in the freezer for 3 months, it's as soft as anything and flexible as a slinky, so I am hoping for good things!

Pretty straight forward smoke... Just under 5 pounds rubbed heavy with John Henry's Red River Rub mid day yesterday and now at it's home for the next 8 to 10 hours on the 250 degree Smoky Mountain.

If anyone has any tips for best results for a brisket with a pretty slim fat cap, please feel free to offer.

Wish me luck!

The lean side view still in the package

Home smoky home!

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Four hours in... Given the lack of a thick fat cap, I am opting to spritz it with a combination of apple juice and sweet tea every hour so the bark doesn't get too dry.

About 45 degrees outside and the smoky Mountain is holding nicely at 230 to 240.

Using Apple and hickory chunks.

Wherever you are I hope all are having a great day!
Looks great!

I made out like a bandit using the fat I cut from my last brisket (tossed it in freezer until needed) and put in on a sheet above the brisket.. I was amazed at how moist it stayed with the fat drippings hitting it all the way through the 6.5 hours before I wrapped it.
8 hours in and stuck at 165, so time to wrap it in a pan with the drippings I was catching below it and some mixed sweet tea/apple juice and put it back on the smoker...

Looks and smells darn good though!

After a long day of carpet cleaning getting ready for family to arrive for the holiday, this is going to be well worth the labor today!
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OK... Before I enter my brisket induced food coma, here it is...

Going into the foil and towel wrap, I separated the jus and the grease...

... And figured, 'hmm... That grease would make some great potato chips!

Out of the towel wrap after 90 minutes

Slicing in, I was amazed at how it cut like a hot knife through butter...

Bending nice... And incredibly juicy inside

And the plating...

I added a little 1849 BBQ sauce in the side to dip the chips in, but the meat honestly didn't need it.

Feeling incredibly proud as well as thankful for all the tips throughout the boards that helped me understand how to smoke a brisket 'just right'

Cheers all and Happy Smoking!
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Looks great!

You got me wanting to head to the fridge and grab out a slice or two that I saved.

I put away 3 servings in the freezer that are vac sealed, but I kept just enough for a sammy or late night snack in the main fridge 
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