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Thought you might find this of interest!


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BEIJING (AP) - Beijing is waging a war against air pollution, one barbecue at a time.

Authorities in the capital have destroyed more than 500 open-air barbecues "to cut PM2.5" - the tiny particulate matter in the air that can enter deep into the lungs.

Photos carried by state media showed workers on Tuesday cutting pieces of metal with sparks flying as city wardens looked on.

Citizens online ridiculed the exercise, suggesting authorities should focus on bigger sources of pollution.

A media officer at Beijing's Xicheng district administration bureau said the hundreds of barbecue grills were confiscated over a three-month campaign and cut up so they couldn't be used again. She refused to give her name, as is common with Chinese officials.

Environmental campaigner Ma Jun said residents had complained to environmental agencies in the past about the odor and smoke from open-air barbecues.

"This action will help local residents, but to deal with the bigger air quality problem we need to have priorities and I think one of the major priorities should still be the motor vehicle emissions," said Ma, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs. He said the focus should be on improving the fuel quality and emissions control of heavy duty diesel trucks, while also involving the surrounding regions, not just Beijing.

The capital's pollution regularly reaches hazardous levels. The city government announced last month that emergency measures such as factory shutdowns and traffic limits would kick in when air pollution levels are particularly heavy.


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I lived in San Jose, CA a few years back. They had limits on fireplace wood burning, and we're considering the same with bbq'n. Not sure if anything came of it, but wouldn't surprise me.


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In the CA Central Valley?

We have had burning restrictions for years?

Welcome to the CA version of Amerika!

So far, only fireplaces and wood burning patio devices are banned, and, only on "bad air days".

Of course farmers have to pay to have all wood chipped and hauled.  No farm burn days now.  They are even after farmers here for "dust pollution".

Cooking devices are exempted from the ban.  SO FAR!

They are even looking at banning gas lawn mowers!

Glad I am an old fart.  I don't want to be around for much more of this stuff?

Good luck and good smoking. 


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Oh, cough, cough. Been there and elsewhere in industrial parts of China quite a few times. Can drive 20-30 miles out into the countryside and never find clear air. Every where you look you see smoke rising from factories, small businesses, homes, everywhere and its not thin blue smoke. It is dark gray. In some areas, households used to get a free allotment of coal for heating and cooking. Always felt bad for the people living there.


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A dear friend of mine lives in Rumania(long story) he is doing very well out of recycling industrial slag heaps for their metals,copper,silver,zinc,iron etc.He buys mountains of the stuff in Kosovo,Serbia Bulgaria etc.

Then ships it to China where they burn off all the waste crap in giant furnaces.Cant do it in Europe not even in the lawless parts it ruins the filters on the furnaces& they shut down.Chinese solution take the filters out!!
 True story I promise.

So they are shutting down BBQ,
 just brilliant.

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