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Kinda with JJ, I would suggest some blood work to test your Vit D & Iron levels & overall kidney function.....if your D/iron levels aren’t at the normal high range I would suggest you take a supplement & diet change to increase it. If you take D also take K (helps prevent K-stones) and Iron. Most individuals that have lingering Covid symptoms also have a low or to the low side of “normal” Vit D level. These lingering symptoms are often mistaken for some other autoimmune issue. Many have experienced a form of Alopecia (hair loss) as well. Quality of sleep has also been an issue
As well as increased allergies and depression. As an FYI many Docs will brush off a lower D if it is in the low range of normal, but the range is huge and each person is different and many suffer from the affects of low D within the lower “normal levels” trust me I know...past life in Alaska!

In addition to the taste have you noticed that you get fatigued easier.....like the next day and have symptoms of dehydration? The lingering symptoms may also include reduced kidney function. So increased water intake, but it needs to be slow and constant because it takes longer to be absorbed into the system because of the reduced function. Too much too fast is not good at all! Caffeine & Alcohol can also have a very negative affect with these issues as well.

This might sound weird but I also know that some people with longer term taste symptoms have benefitted from Mediterranean & Asian (Thai-ginger & curries) flavors/spices as well. Ie smaller cuts of meat with these seasonings infused....

As with any medical advise on the internet it’s best to consult with your doctor and if he/she isn’t helping get a second or 3rd opinion!

Good luck and hope things improve.


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Thanks guys for all the advice and well wishes. If things don't start to improve soon I will probably see another Dr and get more bloodwork done and keep my fingers crossed. I'll hang on to my bbq equipment for a while but once I see it start collecting cob webs I'll probably start liquidating and invest some cash into another hobby. On the bright side maybe I will lose some weight since nothing seems to taste that great anymore.

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