Thinking about getting a 30" MES got a few ?s

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  1. Was thinking about getting a 30" MES that I would like to smoke with pellets. Anyone got any recommendations on how to use pellets in such. Is it better to go with the analog or the digital version.  I have a 18.5 WSM already as well as a 22.5 Weber Master touch kettle and a weber propane grill. Im looking to go to electric for smaller cooks every day meals etc.  I'd rather smoke with pellets then chips. Also how long on average is the warm up period to get smoke on a MES using pellets ? Thanks in advance.
  2. In order to use pellets in a MES, you need either an amnps or an amnts from Todd at I have one of each and both work great. It is not recommended to put pellets in the tray of a mes.

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    I second what William "hmrhead1971" said. I've been using both a MES 30 Gen 1 and wood pellets in my AMNPS for over 3 years now. Consistently great results.
  4. Thanks everyone, I landed up purchasing a 40" Gen 2 solid door from lowes today, will order up the mods for the pellets. Looking forward to addition to our current line up. Thanks again. 

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