The year without a Microwave.

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    May have to use this as the title of my Autobiography. Kinda has a nice ring to it.

    Anyway, about a year ago our microwave went t*ts up. A loud, electronic sounding zzzzzPOP followed by a faint whiff of smoke, then...nothing. Being a person who has used a microwave all of his adult life, this presented quite the quandary. On one hand, I was ill equipped to live without this little electronic marvel reheating my coffee, zapping my hot dogs and yes, on occasion, even cooking my bacon. On the other hand, I'm a guy who loves a challenge, and was quite curious what it would be like to live without one. My wife, though, immediately assumed we'd go get a replacement the next day. This led to a few weeks of creative dodging on my part. Finally I admitted my motivation, and being a frugal Scot, she saw the appeal of not immediately spending money on a replacement and agreed to the "experiment".

    So, for the past year, we've been essentially Luddites in the kitchen. I've come up with creative ways of reheating leftovers, such as the ziplock in hot water method, and even rediscovered jiffy pop. We found a whistling tea kettle which I've actually used a lot. We're eating less "prepared" meals and more honest to goodness home cooked ones. Our (my) one weakness is Stouffer's lasagna. I've tried and tried, but I just can't replicate that recipe. Obviously this can be cooked in an oven, it just takes twice as long. The upside is that we've gone from having it once a week to having it maybe once a month.

    Overall I've adjusted pretty easily to the lack of the neutron gun oven. My wife..not so much. I caught her today looking up prices on the web.

    Alas, my attempt to get back to basics may be coming to an end. I only hope the lessons learned will stick with us and we'll depend less on the instant "I want it now" method, and still enjoy the anticipation and simplicity of doing a few things the old fashioned way.
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  2. chef jimmyj

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    I'm on 4 months...Reheating, yes I have adapted. What I miss is, I like my food Piping Hot! So everything Take-Out and some freshly home made, get a 30-60 sec Zap before hitting the table. Been eating, essentially cold take-out...JJ
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    Two cheffie daughters and you eating take out is criminal.  There should be a law against this [​IMG]
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    When bride and I traveled a lot in the truck and camper, I got used to turning the oven on 200 at noon and heating the food until the dinner/cocktail hour stop at 4 PM...... The leisurely dinner hour was AWESOME......  we ate quite a few lasagna's from Costco on the road..... Dave 
  5. mdboatbum

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    Just remembered this thread. Its now been just over four years and I don't even miss it. My wife has even stopped missing it. She just made a pot of popcorn on the stovetop. I can honestly say I haven't come across one thing that I would have normally zapped in the micro that I haven't easily been able to figure out using either the stovetop or the oven.
  6. I rarely use our microwave, very occasionally to jump start a defrost but I much prefer popcorn on the stove. That being said, when I do make it in the microwave I put bulk kernels in a paper bag and pop them that way. It works great!
  7. alamojoe

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    We typically only use the microwave for 2 things . .reheating coffee and jump-starting baked potatoes.  For reheating meals, I use a technique I learned many years ago as a chef - flash heating - basically re-heating for a short time (5-10 mins) in high heat (500+).  For most food, I prefer this method - it makes it seem like freshly cooked vs reheated.  For slow-cooked food, I will reheat in freezer bags/warm water.  For popcorn we either use the air popper or, rarely, make it on the stove.  

    We didn't get rid of our microwave but we did downgrade to a really small one.  It can only fit a medium sized dinner plate.  We made this switch about 4 years ago and have not once missed having our big microwave.  Microwaves ruin most foods, in my opinion.  The thought of eating something like a grilled chicken breasts, reheated in the microwave, just makes me want to cry, lol.       

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