The story of four pork butts...

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    I've been on here for a while but don't recall posting any Q-View.  I've always been in sort of a rush when smoking food so I've never had to chance to take some good pics.  Today, I change that!  My mother is hosting some event Monday and she asked me to make pulled pork.  I'm making 40lbs (uncooked).

    The rub is a quick one but I decided I wanted to do more than just brown sugar.

    1 Cup Brown Sugar
    1 Tsp Salt

    1 Tsp Pepper

    1 Tsp Paprika

    Note: The above is only enough to put a light coat on a 10lb butt.

    Here goes nothin...






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  2. I'll let you try mine if you let me try yours. Lol. Looking good man!

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