the pitboss 5000

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
the woodbox holds 1/8 cord of mesquite @a time (the hottest of any wood) w/ damper & thermostat, w/a suck/flow over a fire box or horizontal pit 16'long by 8'wide into a forced flow upright 6'tall by3.5'(2 55 gal drum size)smoker chamber w/ a 155 gallon water tank- gravity fed hot & cold flow taps,separate tap for a hand washing station as per health codes,(hot goes under the wood bed),12' by 3' cabinet top w/ slide out cutting board, 4-6 door cabinets (lazy susan available),1 cord wood carrier,2 110v steam table heaters or warmer ovens( only 1 option available per standard order),fold back covered top,double axle trailer.available in goose neck or low boy style..
sounds like a sales ad & it will be soon - this is my personal rig i designed & am building... from years of ttrials & design- i'm not pushing products here but if you want to contact me- i can't stop that.and i will quote a price & if you have plans for your own- e mail or message me for an estimate
man that did sound like a sales add or a case of large azz... but to be honest, i have been designing pits for years and (believe it or not)a bro from high school went to work for nasa & another went to work for nascar(no chit) so i got geeked into this airflow thing & i was.. well.....maybe ya get the point... ya notice i ain't selling it yet & i don't have a sales link or spam site...damn, how hard to say i ain't bragging or selling.. all i can say is come cook on it 3 (yes not once)..3 times & if it's the best major pit ya ever created on-then boost a link i "may" have up by then. you can email me anytime if your serious or have ideas.
Now ya can't go talkin the talk without picture clout!! That's illegal in some states. It's like saying Oh, I have something important to tell you...ah, never mind...
i'll try to get down there this wk & get some pics, we're just getting real close to "domino" time w/ the wifey so a lot is on hold for the moment(or next 22 years)lol. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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