The Compassionate Man

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    A man was sitting in the kitchen, alone, drinking a cup of coffee at three in the morning. Completely lost in thought, he did not notice his wife standing in the doorway puzzled as to why he was sitting in the darkend room.
    "What are you doing?" she asked timidly very aware of the somber look on her husbands face. "Thinking about us." he says distantly. The wife of twenty years steps a little closer to him deeply concerned. "I was just thinking about when we were dating." he continued. "How much in love we were." The wife steps closer and takes a seat next to her husband. "Yes, I remember those days well." She confided. "We couldn't keep our hands off of each other." he said with a small smile on his face, his eyes focused on nothing in the room, but far away in time. His wife placed her hand ever so gently on his and with a slight tear in her eye remebered with him. "Remember when I got you home early, but we stayed in the car and made love before you went in?" He asks. "Yes, I remember that night well my love." she soflty replies, "My father caught us and wanted to lock you up for twenty years or marry me." "Yes" he said clearly about ready to break into tears at the memory. "I would be getting out today."
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    Hey Stacks,
    I can identify with that man. I'm at 42 years and counting. [​IMG]
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    Dead man walking![​IMG]
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    It's all over now after he say

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