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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by the zil, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. the zil

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    Seems like everyone had to work on thanksgiving this year, me include. This year we delayed our celebration until today. I hope you all aren't too tired of turkey questions...

    I wanted to smoke boneless turkey breasts this year but couldn't find one, until yesterday. So, I bought a bone-in breast. Now I have 2 boneless (3 lb) each and 1 bone-in (6 lb).

    I brined in Hi Mtn poultry brine for about 20 hrs. Pkg says to rinse before smoking, so that is what I will do. Not sure if I should just rinse, or soak for awhile. I don't want too salty. Just going to use EVVO on the skin and use pepper, garlic & onion lightly sprinkled on the surface.

    I'm going to smoke all together in my MES at 275 deg and watch the temps to pull at 160 deg F. I want to put the bone-in in the oven at 425 deg to crisp the skin. The boneless are skinless so I'm not going to bother putting them in the oven.

    Couple questions- which will be done first bone in or out? Should I soak or just rinse well?
  2. dougmays

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    i would rinse really well, if you soak them you might remove the brine flavors you worked so hard to get into the meat. I've never done a boneless turkey breast but i would imagine the bone in will take longer, especially because its double the size

    good luck and good smoking!
  3. the zil

    the zil Smoke Blower

    It is 40 deg F here now. Took an hour to get the MES UP TO 255 deg F. Just getting the birds in dropped the temp to 219 deg F. Not sure how long this smoke will take. I've never smoked in the cooler temps. Wish I had some cheese to smoke, after the turkey of course. I'm in it for the long haul now.
  4. the zil

    the zil Smoke Blower

    Birds came out great. I pulled them at 167 deg F for the bone in and 165 for the boneless. I was surprised the bone in finished first but I put it lower in the chamber than the boneless. Foiled them and wrapped in towels to hold in my cooler for 2-3 hrs before slicing. I preferred the bone in but the boneless wasn't bad at all. The meat just melted in your mouth and didn't even need a knife to cut it at the table. I left a lot of meat on the bone for turkey noodle soup next week. Yum.

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