Thanksgiving 2.0

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Sep 15, 2012
Well this meal started on November 24th 2022, and I'm just now getting around to finishing it. The wife and I had a goodly amount of turkey leftover from last thanksgiving so I picked all the dark meat off the bones and layed it to rest in a vacuum sealed bag and popped it into the freezer. I decided to take it out on Friday let it enjoy some fresh air and warm up a bit. I should have made this meal yesterday when the temps started out at -11* and then rose up to a whopping 17*. But I didn't so here we are today. With the temps in the mid 20* it felt like a heat wave. Oh yeah I also added some leftover white meat.

Not a lot of pics, because this is a first for me.
Turkey pot pie. I know it doesn't sound too exciting for most of you kindly folks, but for me pot pie is a winter time favorite. This is a basic recipe I got off the Pillsbury website, and if anyones interested I'll post it up later.

Here it is in it's rawish state. With a topcoat of eggwash.

and here it is in its finished state. I tried to cover the edges mid-way thru the cook to help prevent burning, but the pie was too hot for my hands. Post finish my wife told me we have plastic covers for this that you just lie down on top of the pies edges. Thanks dear.


Gotta cut into it:

...and of course I dropped my piece on my plate. It may not be pretty, but it still tasted real good.


Thanks for putting up with me.

That’s a great pie Chris, I like it. We just did a chicken shepherds pie. That was delicious too. Points for you sir.
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Chris you are really under valuing yourself there. This is awesome and pot pie , especially homemade is one of the all time classic comfort foods in my opinion. I love pot pie and yours looks excellent. Adding to my list to do before spring!
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Appreciate it guys. Chicken shepherds pie I love shepherds pie, and chicken sounds good. A lot of different seasonings work with chicken.

Thanks Jeff, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

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Looks terrific Chris! Love a good pot pie! And I wouldn't sweat the darker edges on the crust - I like a crispy crust myself, so that looks about perfect!

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Man that looks good bud . I like that dark edge too . That was always the second meal from leftovers when I was a kid .
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That’s one great looking pot pie! It would be hard to wait that long to make that knowing you have the leftovers for it. Nicely done Chris!
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