Thai Chicken— Revisited

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    I asked the family this past weekend what I could make 'sausage-wise' & the unanimous response was "Thai sausage!"—something I made about a month ago (  ) and was very well received. It's been my family's favorite 'sausage'—although my fav is still spicy Italian....

    This time I upped' the batch size to ten pound (from 4 pounds the last batch) figuring a ten pound batch will last considerably longer. Same recipe as before...

    Start with 10 pounds of boned chicken thighs....


    Got the chicken thighs ground & all the spices added. Mixed well & stuffed into 24mm sheep casings:


    Links range from 3" to 5"—depending on how well the sausage maker paid attention...... ;D


    I decided once the links were made, I lightly poach the batch until they were fully cooked. That way, simple quick grilling or frying & you're good to go with no concerns of raw or undercooked poultry.

    Everyone in the pool:


    Drying after the bath. Once cool, I'll foodsaver some & ziplock the rest.


    I love to put these on a hot grill (2-3 minutes tops.).

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    Looks pretty TASTY! I've always wanted to make my own sausage, but not too sure where to start. Anyway, I think I will look into where to buy the casings and venture out and give it a try! [​IMG]
  3. OK, That's it ! I'm going shopping for a grinder / stuffer this weekend. I can't take this any longer.  Great job!
  4. venture

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    Another great looking batch of sausage, Kevin!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  5. smokinal

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    They look great Kevin!

    I really like the idea of poaching them before freezing.
  6. couger78

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    Here's the recipe for 5.5lbs of sausage. I recommend weighing dry ingredients whenever possible to ensure consistent results versus set measurements (i.e. tablespoon of salt). This is particularly important when using cures, spices or salt (1 tbl table salt differs considerably from 1 tbl of kosher salt, for example. but 30g = 30g, no matter what salt is used).

    Thai Chicken Sausage

    3.5lbs chicken thighs with skin

    1.5 cups salted & roasted peanuts

    1 cup Sticky, short-grain rice

    3/4 cup Coconut milk

    3 Tbs green onions, finely chopped (45g)

    1/4 cup Chopped Garlic (36g)

    1 cup Chopped Cilantro (35g)

    30g Kosher Salt

    22g Brown Sugar

    6 tsp Hot Chili-garlic sauce ('Rooster'-brand)-add more if HOT is desired

    1 Tbs Sesame oil

    6g fresh ground black pepper

    5.5g Ground Galangal (option: ground ginger)

    24mm or 28mm sheep casings

    Cook & cool rice first.

    Bone chicken, reserving all meat, fat AND skin. Chill until partially frozen.

    Grind chicken with rice and peanuts through medium plate (4.5mm).

    Add salt, coconut milk & green onions to mixture; mix well.

    Add remaining ingredients & mix thoroughly until sticky paste is formed.

    Stuff into casings; tie off into 4.0" links. Air dry until casing are dry to touch. *Lightly poach in 160°water until the internal temp of 165° is reached. Dry & put in fridge or freezer. These can be quickly re-heated or grilled.

    * poaching is an option. You can skip this step & simply refrigerate uncooked links. Cook to proper IT before serving.
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    Cougar, Thanks.......  that ones in the SMF cookbook too..... Dave
  8. scarbelly

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    Looking great like usual. Thanks for the recipe
  9. fishwrestler

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    Thanks going out to find all the ingredients right now.

  10. fishwrestler

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    Thanks for an outstanding recipe, I went to the Asian market in Roseville,ca and the carry galangal, but it was out of stop, they said they were out of fresh and dried also.

    So I used ground ginger.

    I will be making more for sure, but I will not use the skin next time. When I did the fry test the meat was really greasy, but Ok because the fat rendered out of the patty. In links it was just alittle to fatty for me and the meat came a part a little,

    Overall great taste but need less fat.

    Take care

  11. roller

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    Looks great and thanks for sharing your recipe...Its nice when people do that !!!!! That is what this site is all about sharing the recipes and not just the Pictures of you food.....Great job !
  12. sound1

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    Look Great....another one on the list for sure..
  13. rbranstner

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    Looks wonderful. I saved this and will have to try it for sure. One quick question though.

    "Bone chicken, reserving all meat, fat AND skin. Chill until partially frozen."

    So do you grind the meat, fat and skin into the sausage? The way I read it you use it all but I wanted to be sure.
  14. couger78

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    The whole enchilada.......

    skins, fat & lean. If one prefers, you can leave out the skins (some folks can't abide eating skin, ground or whole)—but the skins do impart BIG flavor & the necessary fat for the sausage.


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