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    Gary you hammered out another great Brisket,the whole cook looks good to me.Points

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    Nice brisket Gary..........................[​IMG]
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    Great looking Q and post [​IMG]

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    Looking good, You got it right using just salt and pepper on the brisket. Like JJ said one time, "why put all the perfumes on it", let the meat speak for itself. I might add that I have never heard of wrapping a brisket in the butcher paper, I used to wrap mine in foil but it made them come out more like a roast than BBQ brisket. I am guessing the butcher paper keeps the meat from drying out yet releases the steam. Tell us more please., O' and you get points on the butcher paper method.[​IMG]

  5. Thanks Brian and CM   

  6. Thanks Richie, I try

  7. I have been using butcher paper for quite a few years. You are correct It keeps some of the moisture in but releases enough

    to keep the bark from getting mushy . Try it and you will like the results. I too didn't like the using foil. What I ended up doing was taking the brisket back out of the foil and back on the smoker for the last hour or so to firm the bark back up.

    Thanks for the point too

  8. Thank you Joe,   Been cranking out some sausage lately ?

  9. Thank you Larry and for the point

  10. Sorry I am late, Yes I do leave it at 225º  No cooler this time we were ready to eat let it rest on the counter as long as I could

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    Great step by step, Gary!


  12. Thank you Disco,  How is your weather ?

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    Right at the moment, it is about 0 C (32 F) but it will warm as the day goes on. The best part is that the snow has melted to just about six inches deep and my driveway is no longer a bobsled run.

    How are things in the Lone Star state?
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    Good thread. Straight forward and simple. Best thing you taught the student was keep the lid closed! If your looking you're not cookin'


  15. I went back and looked $58.66 delivered to my front door  that works out to about $ .058 per ft  (1000' ft. roll) as opposed to  $.266 a ft.

    for 150 ft.

    But I do quite a few Briskest  that 150' that 150 ft. roll would last me anytime

    Another thought is split a roll with someone  That's a good deal  $29 bucks for each and you wouldget 500 ft

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    Looking good Gary. Did you feel you used enough salt and pepper? Briskets are a conundrum for me because I have a sweet tooth but I'm also a believer in doing things authentically. Therefore whenever I do just S&P I always wish I had added some sugar, or at least more salt!!!

    The next one I do will be heavily encrusted in salt! We'll see how it goes.....
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    Looks great, gary! Points!
  18. Thanks Humdinger  I got plenty of salt for us (Hard to see)  Add sugar if you like sweet  Go wit  Turbinado Sugar, also When I want a little Sweet I use Honey Powder It works great.

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    Awesome smoke. Noobie here, planned on tackling a brisket soon, motivated to be the next smoke i do. Thanks for sharing
  20. Great photos and works of art! The "Q" Art is better for display than some

    contemporary works I have seen. Art is supposed to "talk to you" and man

    do these works talk to me! I would imagine other readers get the same

    reaction too.

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