Texas Slow Cooker Chili

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Texas Slow Cooker Chili and Beans

2 lbs. ground beef
2 medium sized sweet Texas onions - medium diced
1 whole garlic bulb - all cloves minced finely minced

1 12oz. Can (drained) sliced, pickled jalapeño medium dice (Halve this for milder chili and beans)
2 28oz. Cans crushed tomatoes - undrained
1 10oz. Can Rotel (original mild or hot, to taste) - undrained
2 15oz. Cans red kidney beans - drained
1 4oz. can green mild chilies - drained

1 tbs. Cayenne
2 tbs. Chili powder
1 tbs. Red Pepper Flakes
1 tbs. Tabasco sauce
1 tbs. Liquid Smoke
2 tbs. Hungarian Paprika (hot)
2 tbs. Whole black peppercorns
Ground black pepper to tast
Salt to taste

Peel and chop onions
Peel and mince garlic cloves
Drain pickled jalapeño and dice

Sauté onions in large pan with a little olive oil until translucent and caramelized
Add minced garlic to onions after they are translucent but before caramelization
Remove onions and garlic when done and reserve
Sauté ground beef in large pan until well browned but not dry
Return onions and garlic to beef
Add generous grind of black pepper freshly ground
Add salt to taste

Place sauteed ground beef, onions and garlic in slow cooker on high setting
Add crushed tomatoes, Rotel, red kidney beans, green chilies, and diced pickled jalapeno


Add whole peppercorns, cayenne, chili powder, crushed red pepper flakes, hot paprika, Tabasco sauce, and liquid smoke

Stir well

Cook on high setting for 3 to 3-1/2 hours or until done

Serve hot with sour cream topping or grated sharp cheddar cheese and toasted baguette thins
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Thanks for the comments!

It's a pretty good chile. SWMBO thinks it's too hot. You might want to use half a can of the sliced pickled jalapeños.

I just saw that my can sizes didn't come through. I'll see if I have some more in the pantry and fix the recipe.

Fixed the op.
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Sounds like a great recipe.  Very similar to the one I use, except I always use ground venison.  I think this could help me win our chili cook off this year!

If you are looking for some real smokey flavor throw the meat, onions garlic, peppers,and beans in a foil pan and put in on the smoker for an hour or so and mix it up every fifteen minutes.  My buddy just did this and it was awesome chili.

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