Texas Pepper Smoked Sirloin Roast - Reverse Engineered

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Dec 9, 2014
When I was in Texas a few years back I had a sirloin steak that was unique and fan-freaking-tastic. Forget what you think you know about cheap sirloin steak. The texture/moisture of this technique is unlike any sirloin steak I’ve ever had. Juicy, tender. With a beautiful smoked beef flavor that is there, but not overpowering at all. I forget the restaurant name, I think it was in Amarillo. It was evident an entire whole sirloin roast was coated with cracked black pepper on one side and smoked, then sliced into steaks and served. I found one post on this from ~15 years ago, and then went to work. Here's what I came up with.
  • Whole sirloin (likely will be tied w/ twine), salt the night before. ½ tsp per pound of meat.
  • Coat fat side w/ cracked pepper - Cracked. Not ground. Not coarse ground. Cracked. I coat it pretty thick, no bare spots, but only on the fat side
  • Smoke fairly cool, low and slow wins the day here. 225-235. I go until IT=130 (medium rare). But you do you.
  • Sear on a hot grill.
  • Slice into steaks, serve.
It took 2:15 on the smoker, ~20 min on the gas grill for the sear. So start ~2.5 hours before serving time. BTW, this also works great as an add on to ribs on the smoker.

Looks like a winner from here

Point for sure
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