Test run for "PigFest"

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May 20, 2010
Crestview, Florida
Gonna be competing in the "Pigfest" in tallahassee next weekend, so I gave my chicken one last try!

Deboned the thighs, and trimmed


seasoned with some rub, then wrapped in the skin and into the smoker,

In the comp the skin will be trimmed nice and neat.


smoked @ 250º for 2hrs

sauced for the last 30mins

Just what the judges like, Bite through skin!


Thanks for checkin' out my chicken,

We'll see how it does next weekend!
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I'm east of crestview about 10 miles or so, I use crestview as a reference point so people can find it on the map!

I've often wondered where your located in crestview,I pass by a few homes with smokers in the yard and often wonder if it's you.
RIght off John King in Cherokee Bend. Maybe we can get toghther some time.

I cook a lot during football season. And do some golf tournaments for charity
Those look great. man you floridians can cook............
Raptor, that's some fine looking chicken thigh meat, looks comp ready to me, all you need is some of that funny looking green stuff to go around it and your ready to go!  My grandmother taught me that the thigh was the best part of the chicken, she convinced me and I still love them and yours are making me hungry right now.  Good luck in the Comp.!

Your SMF Friend

Looks awesome great color
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