Test Ribs and Ham

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Sep 5, 2020
I was planning to smoke a ham this weekend. While at the butcher shop picking up the test filet mignon, I decided, “what the heck”, and picked up a rack of ribs to keep the ham company. My previous attempts, could have been much better. I needed to try again. This is also my first rack since adding the PID and convection fan.

All rubbed up. Into the smoker at 230 over a hickory chips and pellet mix. I am using a small Masterbuilt cabinet gaser. I used the water pan and spritzed with apple juice every hour or so.


At about the three hour mark, I became really concerned. The IT of the ribs was too high. Yet they did not pass the bend test. So I ignored the temp probe, and rode it out. The smaller half rack did pass the test early. The other half ran another 1.5 hours. 4.5 total. I sauced one half, and left the other as is. I did not wrap. When it passed the bend test, I used the thermapen and it verified 195.


This is the sauced half. Just one application.


The amount of bark surprised me. My previous attempts were anemic in comparison. I am beginning to suspect the convection fan affected the increased formation of bark and shortened the cook. They taste great without the mushiness of wrapping. The meat pulled from the bone nicely. Maybe just a hair overdone, but not even a hint of dryness. Tasted great while watching the playoffs.

Ant ideas why it cooked so fast? Or, why so much bark?

The ham is pretty tasty with a maple-rum glaze. It has substantially more bark than before the convection fan was added.


I think I am going to have to keep trying. Maybe lots.
Ham and ribs looks great , And in my opinion ,
yes I think the fan is for the speed and more bark.
Same as you have to adjust baking in a convection oven compared to oven with no fan

But this is just my thinking

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Both look good to me, nice smoke ring on the ribs, good bark. The ham looks absolutely delicious. If there is any left, can you post a pic of a slice of the ham. Just want to know what I would be shooting for when I do one.
Look delicious to me! Sorry I cant help with the questions, but looks like a victory from here!
Thanks for the comments and likes.

I think I am going to use a lower temp in the future. The fan makes a noticeable difference in cooking time and I need to adjust. It is almost as if the temp was hotter than it was. Everything tastes great, but I think it may have also been close to burning the sugar in the rub.
OldSmoke OldSmoke I really like your fan idea. Redistributing the heat and the smoke seems all good to me. I'm not sure when given how slow I am at getting things done, it is on the list.
I’m pretty sold on the fan. It works great with jerky. The even temperature and smoke distribution is a game changer with these little cabinets. It seems to cook faster as well, which I am learning to compensate for.
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