Tender Quick VS Prague #1 for bacon

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Original poster
Jan 19, 2016
I have been using TC for dry brining bacon, and now I'm wondering about the nitrate that is in TC. We cold smoke, slice and fry the bacon.
Maybe better for our health to brine with cure #1 and have no nitrates in our cure?

So what do you guys say?
If you have concerns, try dry rub using cure #1....   You will be able to adjust the salt level to your personal taste...   I use ~1.1 gms. cure #1... 9 grms. Kosher salt and 5 grms. sugar..   per pound of belly...  rub it in and I wait 2 weeks for the cure to take place...  rinse, dry, form the pellicle and cold smoke...   You can also warm smoke the bacon....  what ever floats your boat.... 

Mix all the ingredients together well and try to get a fairly uniform/even coverage...   In a 2 week period, the ingredients will migrate up to 2" in all directions so you get a complete cure....
I have no issues using TQ. I use #1 or TQ. All depends.
Thanks for the comments.
We have had good results using both, just got to wondering about consuming nitrates from the TC when they aren't necessary for bacon.
Thank again.
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