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Discussion in 'Curing' started by seadog92, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. seadog92

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    I need to turn a refrigerator (no freezer attached) into a fermentation chamber temporarily.  I need to be able to bring the internal temp to between 85 and 90 degrees, with a humidity of 85%.  I bought an expensive temp/humidity controller which doesn't work and I have to send it back to be fixed.  That leaves me with trying to adjust things manually for a couple weeks.

    With the fridge unplugged, all I need to do is bring up the temp and the humidity for a while, right?  I thought if I used a plug in light socket with a built in dimmer switch, that I could use a 60W bulb, and regulate the heat by using the dimmer switch.   The humidity will be supplied by a humidifier that has an adjustable knob.  I have a wireless temp/humidity sensor and reader so I'll always be able to tell what it's like inside.  Could I have some comments please from those of you that are operating a fermentation cabinet, as to whether this could work temporarily?   Thank you.
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    Below is a list of salts that can control humidity...

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    It will work but I'd do some test runs first to get it dialed in some. Depending on the size of the chamber and the amount of product going in you might not need much humidification, and while doing the dry run add a wet towel or something to simulate the wet sausage.
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  4. seadog92

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    Thanks for the replies and advice. I'll post the results next week.
  5. dingo007

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    Last time i was in a pinch i used a soldering iron for temp and a wet towel to increase humidity. I stuck my weather station in there to monitor it. I found that once you get the initial humidity up, the product itself will keep the humidity high. I maintained 80F & 90%RH for 3 days with only wetting the towel once.


    What are you fermenting?
  6. seadog92

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    Fermenting salami
  7. dingo007

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    Back when I had a dedicated fermentation chamber i used a home depot wall thermostat controlling a 60w light bulb to maintain heat. I also had a humidifier in there but ended up pulling it out as at 80-85F the salami itself generates ample humidity,

    I had to downsize and get rid of the dedicated chamber and now do exactly what you are doing..25w Soldering iron brings my temps up to the 80-85f range with the ambient being around 50f where the fridge is located. You could use a work light with a low wattage bulb 25-40W is ample. What culture did you use?
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