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Sep 16, 2006
Would like to smoke my Buckboard Bacon tomorrow. Fired my GOSM this evening, went well over 170 on lowest setting and propane just barely open. Now I am working with my Brinkman Gourmet. Started 6 Kingsford briquets a few minutes ago. Waiting for them to ash over, see if that will hold 150*. Have a Lil Chief (electric) but don't think it will come close to that temp. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks.
I did my bacon last weekend and had no trouble getting the temps in my big block to co-operate...
How do you have your vents? I usually keep the bottom vents closed to the stops, and the top vent open all the way...I have no problems controlling temps any where I need them...I also used the water pan, with water..
Hope this helps ..

Richard, don't have the Big Block model (yet). Just top vent on mine. Right now Brinkman is at 150*. Had to add few more briquets to get to this temp. Will see how long it holds.

Sure hope you can get those temps where you want them...the bacon comes out really fantastic...I used a pork loin and made Canadian bacon...at first after it was done...I thought it was a little salty tasting...but the next day....it seemed to have mellowed out, and not salty at all...its even better warmed up in a frying pan..with home fries and eggs...now I'm going to have to go make a bacon and egg sandwich...enjoy yours soon

I'm working on it Richard. Rather play with the temp now (empty) than with the meat in it. Think I can get it done tomorrow. I'll just have to stay close and keep an eye on it. I plan to enjoy this bacon. Thanks alot..
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