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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by bigboy, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Please. I love the idea of smoking cheese but I have no clue where to begin.

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    OK, you have a smoker for smoking chickens and briskets, now let's think about smoking cheese. 

    There may be some who will tell you that you can position a AMNPS in your smoker or attach a Smoke Daddy to the outside.  They may very well get smoke on your cheese, but it will most likely be stronger than you desire and require a long resting period afterwards because of the heavier creosote deposit.

    You can do some experimenting with minimal cost by using a cardboard box or better yet, two.  By placing a smoke generator in one and piping the smoke through a stove pipe to the next, you will be cooling the smoke down, reducing much of the creosote at the same time. This produces a much cleaner smoke than if placing the generator close to the cheese.  If it works well for you, you can slowly upgrade to putting the generator in a metal box, this would cool the smoke even better. 

    A couple dowel rods with a rack placed on them will work fine in the second box.  You will have to cut a flap in  the second box to allow adjustment of the smoke flow.

    As for a simple generator, you can use a coffee can with holes in it along with some briquettes and wood chunks and a foil cover with holes punched it to keep the chunks or whatever from igniting.

    Hope this wasn't more than you wanted.

  3. I believe an AMPS works great for smoked cheese sensa creosote.
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    I cold smoke stuff in my WSM all the time. I just put my lit amnts on the charcoal and put everything back together. If I need it to be colder I'll put a frozen one gallon milk jug in the lower grate or water pan.


    This is some tuna bellies I smoked last night...


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    Yep, that!

    Man those tuna bellies look awesome!
  6. AMNPS on charcoal rack, put in the water bowl but leave it empty. Put cheese on racks. Smoke 2-3 hours depending on cheese type and your personal taste.

    Alternatively if it's cold enough out, light a small (2, maybe 3) of briquettes on the charcoal rack, put a chunk of your preferred wood on charcoal to smolder.

    Important: in either method leave all vents open to promote max airflow
  7. What is an AMNPS and where would I get one?

    Do I let this rest? What do I do after its off of the smoker?
  8. Oops.. sorry. The AMNPS is the A-Maze-N pellet smoker.

    You can purchase it and all of the pellets you need here:

    You should always rest cheese for a few weeks in the fridge. I usually smoke it, let it in the fridge uncovered overnight, then vac pack it for storage. I leave it vac packed at least 3 weeks. If you try to eat it fresh off the smoker it'll be awful. It needs time to equalize the smoke and let it absorb from the surface down into the middle.
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    I'd also recommend if you are going to get the amnps to get some sawdust as well as pellets because sawdust is better for cold smoking.

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    You could always go totally getto like me. At least until you get something better
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    Pellets work fine for me.  Throw the cheese on the top rack for 3 hours with the smoke rollin', leave on counter for 24 hours on rack, wipe condensation off, throw in vac packs and throw in fridge for a month.

    Open and eat.

    Perfect every time.

  12. timberjet

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    Put the cheese uncovered in the fridge overnight. Then package it up and let it sit as long as you can. At least a week. The longer the better.
  13. So if I don't have the AMNPS I can just use a couple briquettes and whatever wood on top?

    I'm on PA and its fairly cold. Will this be enough to smoke the cheese?
  14. mr t 59874

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    If you put your whatever wood on top of the briquettes, they will catch fire.  Better to put your wood chips in a aluminum pouch with a few holes punched in it.

    Regardless the ambient temperature watch the internal smoker temp.  Pull the cheese if the IT reaches 70 - 75°.

    Maybe the following will answer many of your questions.

      Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View,    My Cold Smoking Options w/Q - View

  15. It's not the greatest way to do it but I've done it with decent results. You have to keep a close eye on temps as even a few briquettes can raise the temp to the point of melting the cheese.

    I usually try to put a chunk of wood touching not necessarily right on top of the charcoal. As noted above a foil pack with chips in it would likely equally as well.
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    +1 amnts or amnps. I personally have the tube, so that is what I use in my WSM.
  17. Just that with no briquettes?
  18. welshrarebit

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    Post #4 has a pic of a amnts in a WSM....

    No charcoal.
  19. I'm aware. It was a different poster so I figured I'd see if he did the same thing or not. 👍
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  20. cyclonefan

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    Yes, no charcoal.

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