Tabasco jelly glazed seared salmon

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Dec 1, 2022
DFW area
This was kind of impromptu, but turned out soooo good. Just oiled a 1 lb piece of salmon and hit it with salt and pepper. Got the Kamado and skillet to 500°+ so that I could get a nice sear on both sides. After searing the flesh side, I flipped to skin side for the rest of the cook. Gave the flesh a healthy coating of Tabasco jelly. My wife likes at least medium for her fish, so I cooked until internal temp hit 125° at the thickest spot. I was worried about burning the skin and I wanted the glaze to tack up, so after about 8 minutes, I added the extension grate and pushed the skillet as high into the dome as I could. That way, the radiant heat hit the flesh side.

Turned out great! Served (and cooked) with a nice Buffalo Trace bourbon, basmati rice and green beans - yeah they were canned, but like I said, it was impromptu! Bonus: my wife doesn’t like the skin, so I got 2 servings of crispy goodness! That burnt stuff around the edge is from the glaze. The skin was perfectly crispy!




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