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Jun 26, 2007
Name is Bestee, new on the site, new to smoking. Wife bought me a Cactus Jack smoker with firebox and single smoke chamber for our 5th anniversary (I got her a diamond necklace, and I am happier!). Have only used it twice (4 hour brisket...I need a better cut of meat, otherwise awesome) and a Turkey Breast..came out beautiful. Will try some ribs this weekend. This is a great site, as I really need help. 1st question..when ya'll are talking about 6, 8 and 12 hour smokes...are you using wood the whole time, I find it gets awfully hot in there...so far I am using charcoal and adding the chips for smoke. In all recipes it never says how to keep it up for so long. (do I have to grey the charcoal elsewhere before I add to existing, or can I just throw on fresh brickettes?) Looking forward to some guidence. Thanks. (FYI..born in Mississippi, youth in Boston, and living in Switzerland for last 10 years)
Welcome aboard the mighty SMF Bestee! You have certainly come to the right place for all things smokin'! There is alot of collective knowledge here, so ask and eventually, ye shall receive.

Brisket usually takes a long time to cook. It needs to be cooked low-n-slo to get it nice and tender. The internal temp needs to get to 180 to 200 for slicing, and 195 to 205 for pulling. It will probably plateau at about 140 to 160, so be patient. Poke around and do a search for brisket recipes; there's alot of great recipes and methods out there. Also, search for the 3-2-1 method of cooking ribs...

As far as wood vs charcoal, some use sticks, some use charcoal and some use both. Personally, I like lump charcoal and sticks. I pour a chimney of unlit coals in the firebox, then a chimney of lit coals on top of that. That's my base, then I add sticks to keep it going.

I am curious about your Cactus Jack smoker... don't think I've ever seen one. If you get a chance, post us a pic of it.

Take care and have fun!
how do I attach an image? It was bought over here in Europe and I think its called an Oklahoma Joe over in the states...btw outstanding advice on the coals!! I wouldnt have though that, thank you.
Welcome to the forums. Glad to have a European influence. You can ask a million questions here and get an answer or two for each one. Great place to improve your skills. By the way, in what part of Switzerland do you reside.
Click the Post Reply button, scroll toward the bottom of your post and click the Manage Attachments button. A window will pop up, then click Browse. Browse to where you pictrure resides on your computer, then double click it. Click the upload button. When it uploads, close that window and click the Submit Reply button in your post window.

Glad I could help!
welcome to smf. for pics i just paste the link to my photobucket site,the pics come out much larger than the thumbs i get on here. as far as wood ,i use briquettes and chunks or sticks. i just add a few briquettes or a stick when the temp starts dropping or i see the fire getting low.
welcome! aren't we getting GLOBAL!!! This is great! Here I was thinkin' this was a bunch of good ol' boys burning stuff........
Let us know if you run across any Swiss-styles rubs... BBQ rubs that is!

(lame attempt at a "swedish massage" joke... sorry that's all i got right now

Seriously though, if BBQ is any different (ie, spices, methods, etc) in Switzerland I'd be REALLY interested in knowing about it... start a new thread under "Smoking Meat" and "General Discussion" if there's anything to be said about it.

Welcome to the forums!
I think this is the smoker that he has....


Looks like a real nice unit......

Glad to have you aboard and looking forward to seeing pictures of your "Q"....
Welcome from Missouri. If you have any questions about smoking, You will find the answer here. I have been stuck in a corner many times before and these guys have always helped me out.

Well welcome again and smoke on!!!
Welcome to the forum. I you can see already there is alot of great advice and help on the forum. The best part is getting to know the friendly folks here. I hope you enjoy your experience.
I am in Zurich, the german speaking region...luckily lots of english here too!
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