sweeter than sweet jerky treat

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Jan 21, 2014
portland, Oregon
well tonight I decided to take a different approach to our typical recipes that we use around the house.

I decided to take my 17 pounds of trimmed up top round that I sliced and do a wet brine with a prepackaged size of sweeter than sweet cure, 1 gallon of Worcester sauce, 3/4 cup of black pepper (very coarse grains)  1/2 cup garlic powder, 1/2 cup of onion powder and a full bag of brown sugar. this is almost how I make my salmon cure.....almost. I almost added teriyaki and or soy, but decided against.

I did place it in the fridge tonight, it will cure/marinade till saturday morning.

the cure that I used is a 1 1/2 pounds to one gallon of water with a .84%nitrite compared to the typical 6.25% pink cure#1

I have never used sweeter than sweet for anything other than my pork bellies, and I love the sweetness. Especially when honey and or maple syrup is used.

Im hoping for a flavor profile that is more complex than just sweet or just hot. Im looking for smells sweet, take a bite and it starts sweet and ends warm....just enough to make eat another piece to double check what your taste buds just told you...lol

I dont worry about the flavor being gross or bad as I have two young teenage boys that would eat a smoked dog turd, so I know it will disappear with ease. Has anyone else used the sweeter than sweet for jerky? I did a search and saw a maple sugar batch that looked good, but no sweeter than sweet.....

strangely and maybe someone can correct or verify but the high mountain cure base component from what I have read and understand is the sweeter than sweet cure, then the season pack is the only game changer for the various flavors...so its got to be good right.

I will add the brine shots tomorrow as I forgot to take them before I got back in the house....and the jerky in the smoker pics on saturday just to make some mouths water.

Well I went out to the shop (fridge) to inspect the brine and the meat and make sure its going as planned.

Beautiful deep coloration that only a nitrite cure can give, I sure hope this is going to taste as good as its looking.

If only you could smell this right now guys....come on saturday.

Loading the jerky in the smoker this morning using the toothpick technique, its always did me well......wait for it.....apply the smoke, full throttle.

It will take a while for sure..then the finish pics will come..

there is 17 pounds in this batch, approx after some additional trimming i decided to do.

Jerky is done.... Tastes pretty good. I got a nice glaze on it making it look real appetizing to the family and me too.
I think I need to tone down the Worcester sause on the next batch, I think 1/2 gallon in lieu of the whole gallon may reduce the small bite it has. It's not a heat bite it's more like a Worcester salt bite. Don't misunderstand me though, it's good. However this is new flavor I'm looking for and I don't think I'm quite there yet.
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