Sweet potato and andouille hash.

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Binford 6100

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Apr 30, 2018
This is absolutely killer.
Sweet potato, chopped, and andouille sliced. Fried up with some red peppers, cook down until ready to eat. Toss In a few eggs and cook over easy. Garnish for some green onions on top, salt and pepper accordingly. But you don't need a ton of additional Seasoning.
But if you want, some garlic, paprika, and red pepper Flakes add in nicely
The sweet potato, and the sausage carries the flavor well. Then you get some runny egg yolk, combine with the red peppers. Damn good.

I like to break up the flavor with a little garlic bread and some fresh asparagus.


Looks awesome!
Personally I would use Yukon golds, but that’s because I’m not a big sweet potato fan. But that dish looks delicious!

No worries AL. My wife loves sweet potatos, I could take them or leave them. Many times when they are cooked with brown sugar and marshmallows and all that crap, they are two sweet. But this really does it for me. The sausage and the yolk of the egg. Yum.
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