SV ribs then smoke

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Sep 18, 2016
So I have been doing SV ribs for a while now.
The nice things are that the cooks go great and food comes out good every time.

I do 160 degrees for 24 hours. Then I smoke for 3 hours. Ideally I would like to smoke at a low temp 150 degrees, but my trager doesn’t go below 180 and getting my Kamado joe to 150 and getting to smoke is nearly impossible. I really want to smoke the ribs at a low temp after….

anyone else tried this out successfully?
Crack the door an inch or two and check and see what that does to your temps.
Have you tried smoking them first, then SV’ing them. That’s how I do pastrami. I would smoke them to an IT of 155, then SV at 160 for 12 hours.
I think you will get a lot more smoke flavor that way.
I have tried presmoking the ribs before and after smoking as well.

Does the smoke temp really matter that much if I can just put it in the traeger at 200 or 225? The recipe I follow on youtube was Guga's and he smoked his ribs at 155 to keep the temp around the same and then puts it in the SV. I just have a hard time getting the Kamado Joe BJ to that low of temp consistently.

**I have some family coming over for BBQ on saturday. I gonna do a 2:2:1 recipe with 3 racks of ribs and do a SV with another. I have done some taste test comparisons before and people were 50/50 on which on they liked better. I'm curious to see what my family says.
If I do a hybrid smoke/sous vide cook I always smoke first.... Then use the sous vide to finish/get the tenderness i want. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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