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  1. So Friday is my alma mater's big rivalry game and I will be drinking a lot. The plan is for multiple meals (for 100+ people), and I would like to smoke some brats, sausages, and maybe some 1/4 pound dogs on Thursday. Roaster with beer for the brats and water for the dogs work? Any help would be much appreciated. TIA
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    Sounds like you've thought this out pretty well. Yeah, smoke to recommended internal temps (or lower, provided they reach min temp soon after, in the bath before serving), then drop in a bath and hold @ 135* (min) to 140* nominal temp. If smoked ahead of time, packaged & chilled, then reheated, you'll want to raise your bath temps to a simmer for approx 12-15 minutes to reach reheat internal temps, then reduce to holding temps. Use a pocket therm to assure proper holding temps.

    Sounds like a blast!!! Good luck and have fun!!!

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  3. Thanks for the help and reassurance!

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