Strips and tails oh my!

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That's about as fine a plate of surf and turf these eyes have ever seen, beautiful piece of work Steve! RAY
Thank you, Ray! I appreciate your kind words.

Tasty looking meal, nice cook!

Those are some fine looking Kansas City Strips right there! :emoji_grinning:
Thank you! Kansas or NY strips are awesome!

That's a perfect meal, all cooked perfectly, Steve. You've done a great job. That's my all time favorite meal.
Believe it or not, I recently got a great Strip with excellent marbling from WalMart! I was shocked, but it was delicious and tender.
Thanks! I believe I saw your post about that. They did look veery nice!

Man that all looks fantastic Steve!! I’d tear up the steak and lobster for sure. Sear on that steak is perfect.
Thanks Jeff! And I have enough for round 2 in the future. The tails were larger than the regular "restaurant ones. But about the best we've had lately.

Can I come over? That is one fine looking meal!!!
Lol! Thanks! Come on by!

Great surf and turf for sure Steve !
Man that all looks great and a flavorful start of 2022 !

Thank you, Keith! I do love it when the stars align to give us such a great meal.
Great minds think alike :emoji_laughing: That looks awesome. We had surf and turf as well just did porterhouses and whole lobsters didn't bother with any sides.
Thank you! I'd love a good porterhouse. But they are as rare as hen teeth....and Tritips up this way.

Dang a great looking meal. What happen to the invites?

Lol! Sorry. The invites got delayed in the mail! Now, that's a surprise, right?! Thanks!
Looks Great!!!
Steak looks Mighty Tasty, and I always loved Me some Tail !!

Lol! Thanks John!

Looks fantastic, Steve.
Thanks Doug!

Fantastic way to bring in the New Year. . .
It sure was! Thanks!

What a great way to ring in the new year Steve! I see your starting out with a bang

Way to go Steve!

My absolute favorite...

Huge like my friend!

Thanks John! Good to see ya !
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Running a bit behind my friend but that is an outstanding looking meal right there. Excellent job sir.

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