Still looking for truck - Changing to Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I’m curious if you have considered mid sized trucks? In my area u you can get nice 4x4 mid size trucks under 36k miles for < $30K. Example Colorado, Canyon, Frontiers and Ranger. I’d assume all of these would pull your boat fine. Also in the full size $35K range some Silverados and Ram 1500s. What specific upgrades or luxuries do you want? Here is an example of a Colorado near me
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We just bought this car for my wife this morning. 2022 Charger, 56 miles on it by the time we got home.

Stock photo from the dealer:
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I'll have to wait for it to hit at least 1000 miles before she'll let me drive it.

Nice looking charger peachey, I don't blame you for not driving in the winter.

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I'm the sales manger at Emmetsburg Ford. We are in a rural/farming area most of what we sell is the 3.5 eccoboost, a few 2.7s and a few 5L coyote's the only problem with coyote is it's a gas hog. The 2.7 will safely tow up to 7500 lbs. The biggest thing with the eccoboost is using a high quality oil (I run full synthetic) a good oil filter (motorcraft) and change your engine oil every 5000, NOT 8000. If you do this you won't have cam chain/phaser issues.
After replacing the upstream O2 sensor the right bank lean and intermittent rough idle seemed to be ok on 97 jeep but than last week would not idle at all without stepping on petal. It also makes a loud sound like exhaust leak but after runs few minutes calms down. I replaced the idle valve but I don't trust this thing anymore. It only has 140,000 but its old. Having really hard time shelling out $50,000 for used Ford 4x4 truck. I found this and thinking about driving down to look at it. Looks like was a rental but in good shape. It has the 3.3 instead of the 2.7 I been looking at.

I was talking about a catch can for the Turbo engines . They say it's not needed on a stock engine and I would agree , but my oil level gets pretty high between changes . 2018 2.7 .
Interesting, the service manager nor the techs have mentioned anything to me. But sales is always the last to know, lol
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If you are now thinking of a heep maybe reconsider a bit for a Toyota 4Runner. Heep has quality issues and 4Runners hold their values over almost any other vehicles. They are just a little bit harder to find used.

I have a 2015 that I have motified a bit to make it even more off road worthy. This isn't the most recent picture but close enough. It is enclosed so you have no road noise but can hold a lot of stuff in the back like a pickup.

I agree, the heep might have some issues. My '15 4Runner has been a champ too, especially after a few mods. If you're into trucks, could have something cool. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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