Starting my build...

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Jan 6, 2011
a few things I need help with....

Can i use foil tape to seal edges and seams?

Where is the best place to get my hands on some insulation?

I am gutting the whole thing and starting from just a box.

Any help would be great

Oh yeah... Its a fridge freezer, 

Can I use foil tape to seal edges and seams?

I don’t see why not, although you may want something a little more permanent like high temp RTV

 Where is the best place to get my hands on some insulation?

 If the original insulation isn’t serviceable check with an appliance repair/recycling facility for some used oven insulation

Just my $0.02
Well I was able to get the whole thing gutted. Ended up having to remove all insulation. The fridge was in bad shape when I got it and stuff had leaked while in storage so rust and "juices" soaked into all the foam an created rust along the bottom. I'll get a picture loaded when I can. So in the mean time I have built my smoke generator. I works great tried it last night. 1 cup of chips smoked for an hour or so.... Here are a couple of pictures. Took video with my phone of it smoking but I cant get it to convert to be able to watch.


Its made from Aluminum conduit.  A supplier had a few feet laying around and sent it to me. It has 1/2" exp. metal. caps are cast aluminum. 3/4" black iron nipple and opposite the nipple the airline will enter. Its tapped at 1/4" IP.  

I used a exhaust pipe expander to bell the ends a bit for the caps. Now I just need to get a set screw tapped for the bottom cap.
hey there....been a while since an update...So i have the smoke generator complete and its AWESOME!!!  

I almost have the frame work on the inside complete so then I can insulate and lay the aluminum inside. 

But here is a galvanized in the smoker right? So what about the stack and damper thats galvanized? it won't be getting too hot so is it not something to worry about?
Well I started framing the inside. Been busy with volunteer stuff around town and havent had a chance to work on it very much. But trying to get it done this weekend!





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