St Louis Ribs and praline bacon w/QView

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  1. Had the day off today so decided to make a batch of ribs. Did 3 racks with homemade rub. I like em fall off the bone and on the sweeter side so I did a 3-2-1. Foiled with Parkay, brown sugar, Tiger Sauce, honey and a lil apple cider. Finished em up with a nice glaze a few times in the last hour. They came out awesome.

    I also made some praline bacon for snacking on while handing out candy and glow bracelets all night. I slightly over roasted the pecans but it was still really good. My neighbor demanded I make it every day for her from now on. I highly recommend the Fall's Brand bacon. It's super thick, very firm and dry and tastes great. Some store bought bacon is so thin even when it's "thick cut". Then you open the package and all that greasy water pours out.....yuck. I make a somewhat similar breakfast dish Brown Sugar Black Coffee Bacon. That one's still my favorite but this one is great too.

    This weekend I will try a smoked mac and cheese and also throw some cashews on next to it to smoke a bit. I've never done neither so hopefully it all turns out good.

    Bacon before..

    Pecans and brown sugar in place...

    Meat candy perfection!

    Foil boats ready for rib passengers.

    Finished and resting up before slicing up. Next time I will try a 2-2-1 as these were really falling apart just from looking at them.

    Soft, juicy, smokey, and sweet.

  2. My oh me all that looks great! Details on the Bacon please?
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    X2... please give directins for both pralene and coffee bacon.Your food looks great.
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  5. Here's the Coffee and Brown Sugar Bacon recipe....

    If you like to dip your bacon into your pancake syrup for that sweet and savory combo of flavors, this recipe is for you. The coffee really adds a perfect profile to the flavor. Before trying this recipe I had never had baked bacon before, it was always fried. I bake all my bacon now. I really like the texture and taste better when it's baked.

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