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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Aug 22, 2009
Hello guys,

 I was wondering how many of you have tried Spice barns spices.I just did a a little shopping for some spices I needed.I usually use penzeys,but Spice barn seemed a little cheaper so I thought I would give them a go.Are these quality spices?I hope so because they are on there way,lol.Have a great weekend!
I have used their spices and have no complaints

i got a pound of parika,chilli powder,garlic powder,onion powder,and a couple dip mixes coming.Can't wait to mix up Jeffs rub with some quality spices!
Hey guys,

I got my shipment of spices!I made jeff's rub as soon as I got them.I have to say what a difference quality spices make!I thought it was good before,but even better now.I was wondering how do you guys store your spices?I just got a new garage fridge and was wondering if any of you store them in the fridge?I have extra room now and was thinking about doing that.....
I use a vac sealer for mine. I would think the moisture in the fridge or freezer would be an issue.

I have used the spice barn for many spices and love it. It is a quality product and shipping is fast. The only negative would be if they could carry dry cheeses,(cheddar,mozzarella,ETC. You will be happy with there products and usually less expensive than there competition
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