Special Brownies

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  1. Here is how to make the Special Brownies I just had with my brisket. They are delicious! Here is what you will need.

    1     family size brownie mix & whatever is required to make it (usually oil, water & eggs)

    1     8 oz. pack of cream cheese

    1/3  cup sugar

    1     tsp vanilla

    1     chicken egg  [​IMG]

    6-8  slices of bacon (homemade works best but store bought can be substituted if need be)

    bacon oil

    Cook up the slices of bacon nice & crisp.

    Getting nice & crisp.

    Remove the bacon from your skillet & save all the grease - this will be your bacon oil  [​IMG]  Let the bacon cool down & break it into small pieces.

    Mix up the brownie mix substituting 25% of the oil called for with your bacon oil.

    My mix called for 2/3 cup of oil so I used 1/6 cup bacon oil.

    Here is the brownie mix with bacon oil.

    The bacon broken up into small pieces. I use 1/3 cup for these usually.

    Add the bacon pieces to the brownie mix & blend them in. Set this aside for now.

    In a separate bowl beat the cream cheese till it's smooth.

    Add the sugar, vanilla & chicken egg then mix well.

    Dump the brownie mix in a baking pan. I use a 9 x 13 - it is a lot easier for me to get good results in the next 2 steps than with a smaller pan YMMV.

    Now take a spoon & drop the cheesecake mix into the brownie mix in even intervals.

    You want to end up with something similar to this.

    Now take a butter knife & slide it back & forth to intersperse the cheesecake mix within the brownie mix.

    You want to end up with something like this. Do not - I repeat - DO NOT mix everything all together  [​IMG]   You want the two mixes to be swirled together but separate.  [​IMG]

    Bake in the oven according to the temp on the brownie directions keeping in mind that it will take longer due to all the extras. Use a toothpick to determine when it is done.

    Here it is just out of the oven. You can see the test holes from my toothpick.

    And this is what you end up with - an awesome treat!  [​IMG]
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    Have to share with my better half she will love this
  3. daveomak

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    Jeremy.....  morning.....   That looks gooooooood....    Thanks for the recipe...     Dave
  4. mdboatbum

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    From the title I thought....oh nevermind. Those look absolutely amazing.
  5. kathrynn

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    Oh....yummmy!  So bacon is the "special" part....not the herb?  Just teasing you!

  6. Give them a try - they're great  [​IMG]
  7. Hey Dave - you're quite welcome!  [​IMG]   Try them out - they won't last long  [​IMG]
  8. Of course I'm starving and those look soooooo good...
  9. I lol'd.
  10. kathrynn

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    [​IMG]   (glad someone else "got it")

  11. Lol thanks man  [​IMG]
  12. Lol  [​IMG]   Yup it's the bacon & bacon oil. If I made real special brownies with "the herb" & put them up on here that would probably be the last you saw me around as I'm fairly sure that would be grounds for banishment  [​IMG]     [​IMG]    [​IMG]  
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  13. Thanks Alesia  [​IMG]   You should make some so you aren't starving  [​IMG]
  14. I got it Kat  [​IMG]  I was just busy making sticks & didn't get a chance to reply...
  15. chef jimmyj

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    Now THAT'S a Great Recipe! Thanks for sharing. Of course you realize somebody is going to make them " More Special "!...[​IMG]  [​IMG]...JJ
  16. mdboatbum

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    Living in DC does have one advantage. Now I just need to find a sympathetic doc to write me a prescription...
  17. From BBQ to "special" brownies. That's what makes this site special: Folks, we got it all!
  18. Thanks Jimmy  [​IMG]   & yeah I think you're right  [​IMG]
    Well there are plenty to pick from that's for sure - good luck with your search  [​IMG]   [​IMG]
    Yup - anything you need  [​IMG]
  19. This looks fantastic!
  20. They are incredibly good man! Everyone should have a pan of these ready to eat  [​IMG]

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