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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jgibb, Nov 21, 2014.

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    I am planning on spachocking my turkey for Thanksgiving. What is the cooking time? I'm doing the bacon butter turkey and am brining it in a buttermilk brine. I usually smoke it around 225-250. Any tips? [​IMG]
  2. Hey just did my first turkey for practice last Sunday. I am a spatchcock fan for life now after having great luck on chickens. My 12# bird reached 165 in 5 hours at 240 degrees. This surprised me as it seems like some others have had faster results, hopefully some others will chime in with their experiences. I most likely needed to rotate mine more as I had one breast that didn't get done with the rest of the bird which lead to the other getting a little dry, probably more like 5.5 hours for this breast. Likely will quarter them for the big day. Best of luck!
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    jgibb, hello. Put your Probe Therm. into the Breast deep without touching bone. Cook to the reading is 165*F in the breast and the legs and thighs should be 170*F.

    Do Not , I repeat ,  Do Not , go by time , let the heat run the therm. up , it may only take 5 hrs. , but do the temp. thingy...

    And if at all possible , leave you door shut . Get 'Blue' Smoke ( and keep it ) then put the Bird in and leave it alone to soak - up your love...

    Have a great Holiday , and as always . ..
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    Great advice! [​IMG]

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