Sous vied then smoke

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Jun 17, 2014
I’m checking on food safety when mixing Sous vied with smoking. I’m cooking bottom round at 132 for 21 hours in-the Sous vied. If I rapidly chill in ice and water can I then smoke it from 34 degrees up to 125 then rapidly chill again before slicing for roast beef?
I have done Prime rib the opposite way. Cold smoke then sous vide to temp. Really gives the smoke time to travel through the meat.
Smoke at 180°F+, and you should have no issues...JJ
I am going the reverse of that, smoked my pastrami to 145 and now have it in the SV , will keep it there till it hits the perfect temp I hope lol. I feel I will get better smoke flavor by smoking first. testing is always fun. good luck
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