Sous vide /smoked brisket

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  1. First sous vide / smoke experiment for me .... Full packer into the 138 degree water bath for 72 hours , 3 hours smoke... I separated the flat and point for the cook .. Here is a pick of the point ... Have to say it's the best brisket I've cooked out of about 10 on the WSM .... I will never toil over the long cook again ... You can absolutely dial in your serving time .. I took out of the water bath this morning into an ice bath then fridge ... Onto the smoker at 3 with about a 155 temp which rose slowly to around 212 by the time I took it off at 6 ... Never a worry of a dried out brisket again ....

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  2. welshrarebit

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    I love sous vide beef!!!!

    I bet that tasted ono...

    How did the smoke flavor turn out?

    BTW... POINTS!!!
  3. Flavor of smoke was spot on ... I can't say enuff about how tender the meat was and flavorful....
  4. It looks very tasty and moist!

    Happy smoken.

  5. jarjarchef

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    Great looking brisket.
  6. Hi,

    That does look amazing!  Can I ask if you used a rub and when you applied it?


  7. Was it everything you expected, sure looks good!

  8. b-one

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    That looks great!
  10. Gary , yes it was better than expected..I coudnt believe how tender it was !!. I have another One I'm doing for tomorrow ... I will post pics Monday .
  11. Cool,  I'll be watching   I wish we could those, I would sure give it a try

  12. smokin monkey

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    Hi luv2putt, very intrested in this idea.

    Was the brisket chilled down completely before it went onto the smoker?

    Thinking it could be Sous Vide a couple days ahead of the smoking day?

    This is my catering Sous Vide.

    Six pots each individualy controlled with a PID.

    I have been elected to cook the Brisket at this years UK Forum weekend, might cheat a bit and get it Sous Vide back at home then smoke it off.

    Smokin Monkey �
  13. Smoking Monkey....This brisket set overnight in my fridge and was smoked the next day ... I have also since smoked first and then sous vide , both results equally good !! I did put it on smoker straight from fridge allowing it more time on smoker .. Good luck and let us know results !!
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    Hi luv2putt, just going over your post.confusd about the temperatures, was them brisket at 155 or the Smoker? did the meat rise tom 212 or the pit?

    Thanks. Smokin Monkey
  15. So those temps were the smoker temps ....when I put it first on and what the temps rose to 3 hours later ...
  16. Thanks for the tip! I fired a 5lb brisket in the water bath for 48hrs at 130 and smoked for 3 hours. It was perfect. Will definitely do this again.
  17. Where is the pics !!! 😎
  18. I know I blew it. Too many vultures were circling :)
  19. jarjarchef

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    Just so I am following correctly. I am a little slow at times........

    Is this the method you used?


    Vac Seal

    130 degree water bath for 48hrs


    Remove from vac seal

    Smoke for 3hrs at 225



    Enjoy with beverage of choice

    Thank You,

  20. Yes, sorry for the delayed response. Plan on doing it again for labor day. Will post pics this time lol.

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