Some kinda chuckie

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Apr 13, 2010
This came from the last beef I had processed. I don't think I've had a chuck that was in a net like this one, but we're gonna go with it.



I kept it simple. A little rub down with olive oil and just some kosher salt and coarse black pepper for my rub.

Ran the Camp Chef at 225 for the first couple hours to get more smoke on it, then bumped it up to 275 for the rest of the time. Foiled it at around 155, and pulled it at 205.



Had some tater salad, cole slaw, and a few reheated ABTs with it. It came out super moist and tender.
It all looks good... JJ
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Looks real good to me

Point for sure
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Nice work . Maybe it was an area he boned out . Looks great to me , even before you cooked it .
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I'm just getting back from Vacation . This thread has me looking thru the freezer for some beef to net up and smoke .
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