So I have an offset

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Aug 19, 2007
firebox smoker. Do I need to add a pan of water the the chamber? Or is this for electric smokers?
I always add a pan of water (actually, a pan of apple juice). How well it actually works to stabilize the internal temps and/or add moisture has long been debatable.

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Does it matter how much water I add? Does it make the meat jucier? If I dont add water will it affect it?
what kind of offset ? we may be able to help- i use a baffle,tuning plates, & a disposable turk pan (w/ approx 1/2 gal of water ) in it- it keeps the temp low but also uses a lot of fuel as yer basically steaming off yer wood... (lets not even get into chicken grease)long story short- & not to confuse you... what do you have ? - then we can answer questions...
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Welcome to SMF! The answer to your question is that it is your choice. Some do, and some don't. If you are new to smoking please check out Jeff's 5-day ecourse. Also, go through the Charcoal and Wood Smoker sections of the forum. You will be able to check out procedures, modifications, and techniques that are specific to many different makes and models of smokers. At that point you will have some good information that may help you. If not, keep asking questions, the friendly folk here will make answer.

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