snooping in a local junk yard

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Jan 29, 2007
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while Im was looking around I ran acrossed a stainless steel smoker project that someome was working on it is about 2/3 the size of a gosm it was all but finished (a hole in the bottom the size of a coffee can,above that a stand with a tray for the wood and a water pan ,it also has a rack with shelves 4 of them all in one piece and a lid with a vent with a slide to open this hole it about 2 inches.) now this all loads from the top . I am thinking that the sideburner from a grill would work nicely in the hole in the bottom to make it a gas smoker or a hot plate for an electric. (all the above parts are stainless steel and I would have to drill and bolt the burner in .any suggestions would be appreciated. got it for 20 bucks
I also have Vista. To resize pic's with Vista I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager. If that is not available to you, you can also resize them at ImageShack or any other image hosting website. I hope this helps.
If you still are having issues resizing the images PM me. I would happily resize for you.

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about the above pics the 1st is the lid / the wood pan,2nd is looking down from top,3rd is the rack with the water pan ,4th is it standing up and 5th is looking at it from bottom.
Reflect thanks and disregard the IM I sent you to resize my pics because the website that Teacup posted worked and thanks to teacup for your help this group is the greatest bunch of people on Earth always willing to help thankyou all for all your help.
Richard the first post tells how it goes together. it all just loads from the top. the hole in the bottom I think I will put a side burner off a grill and make it a gas unit.
Well I put in the side burner from an old grill and thought I would fire it up to see how it worked drilled a small hole and stuck a thermometer in it it went to 290 and leveled out no water in pan and I got smoke but that was as low as I could get it with out shutting off the flame . there is a hole in the top about 2 in. and a gap around the burner about 1 inch Do I need more vent top or bottom and I am thinking about cutting the front off and making a door so it is not a top loader

I would say a top vent would definitely help, but you might also have some luck bringing the flame down by adjusting the valve on the propane tank itself. You can also look for a different regulator.

When you think about it....the addition of a water pan, load of meat and smoke box might just be enough to get you down to 250 - then again it might not.

Only one way to tell.......trial by "Q" .....
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