snack stick shelf life. Mold forming

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Apr 28, 2010
Thought I would share this..... I made these snack sticks 3 weeks ago and they were wrapped in foil and in the refrigerator. This is what I usually see at about three weeks.  You can see where white mold is starting to form and some furry stuff...not good. If this sausage was vacuum sealed this would start to occur at about 1.5 months in the fridge. You wouldn't be able to see it but the sausage would get slimy and when you cooked it and it dried, the white speckle on the casings would become visible......  

Joe thanks for the info, I try to always vac pac mine and freeze them (if they are not gone by the vac pac time)
Once opened I think they would be slower to mold if left uncovered in meat drawer of fridge. Cold dry fridge air might even dry them further. I do find flavor of sticks seems to improve if left to room temp. before eating.
Hmmm 21% is pretty low, I'm surprised you get any mold at all. I store mine in the frig in a paper bag so they keep drying. White mold I just wipe off with water or vinegar.
I guess one way to solve the problem would be to mail anything ya got left after 2 weeks to me!!!
I've always stored mine in a brown paper bag at room temp lightly closed. They still keep drying out but are usually eaten in time. If I have to many I vac pac and freeze. But I don't use TQ I use  instacure.
The only point at which I seal mine up is when they start to get too dry. Other wise paper bag in frig keeps them nice. Have had summer sausage in freezer for almost a year wrapped in freezer paper no problem. I do wrap summer sausage right after smoking if I'm going to freeze. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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