Snack stick curing?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 23, 2011
Vancouver, WA
Got my first stuffer last night and want to try 2 different stick recipes. Neither use a cure accelerator (will use cure #1) so I planned on stuffing and letting them cure overnight.

Problem is it's not going to get above freezing here today and my dedicated fridge in the garage is now too cold for the cure to work properly. (Using the house fridge is not an option).

My smoker is a coverted fridge with an electric element controlled by a pid.

Anyone see an issue with setting the pid to 36 degrees and leaving them to cure in the smoker overnight?
Great idea.... Ever thought about putting a light bulb inside the refer to create heat so the compressor will run and cool it ...... 20-40 watt bulb should provide enough heat to get it running and keep it from freezing.... 40 watt is less than 1/2 amp draw.... cheat to run...

Thanks for the tips. I will have to figure out a way to run a light in the fridge without it affecting the door seal.

For now the pid is keeping my smoker at 36-38 degrees. Wasn't sure how it would work at such a low temperature but it seems to be holding fine.

Pics up tomorrow when I get them all smoked up!

A reflector lamp like in the above link, has a small enough cord it shouldn't affect the door seal... Just a thought.... You could remove the reflector and any small bulb should give off enough heat inside the insulated fridge box to keep it in the "temp cycle" zone...

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