Smoky March Madness

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  1. Rather than go to a bar and spend money, I figured I would invite some friends over and create a March Madness Remote work environment... Laptops on, phones charged, cooler full, and smoker on...

    Here's. The initial QView...

    Buffalo chicken bites... Cubed chicken breasts Brined in water, salt, vinegar, fresh garlic, and red pepper flakes... And injected a bit with a combination of wing sauce and bbq sauce

    Next, moink balls... Store bought beef meatballs with a slight injection of bbq sauce and apple juice, wrapped with bacon... Pretty basic c

    And the arrangement on the WSM... Chicken on the bottom to get bacon fat dripped on them and add a bit more flavor.

    Good luck with your picks all and smoke on!
  2. dish

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    What time should I come over?
  3. pat king

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    Dang , those look good ...[​IMG]    Way to go , Nascott [​IMG]  .

    I'll be checking back . . .  re: [​IMG]

  4. Sorry to say that we were so into the games, the food, and the beverages, I forgot to take some QView. The injection into the meatballs worked well in keeping them moist so the bacon could get nice and crisp. A nice bit of extra flavor too.

    The chicken bites cooked really quick at 240 so I did them in batches.. By the 3rd batch, which had sat in the red pepper Brine about 7 hours total, had really absorbed some great flavor.

    I will post the Brine recipe in a bit, but i got it off the forums. If you follow the links to my game day wings, you will find it linked there as well.

    On with basketball... Here's what is left

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    Who are you rooting for?

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