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  1. My second try smoking a 3.5 Boston butt in my masterbuilt, the meat stalled at 155 for a long while after 5 hours so I decided to go ahead and wrap it and put it back in and raise the temp. I can't get the the internal temp to move above 166 or so, I raised the smoker temp to 275. What should I do? It seems that it's taking far too long to smoke a small butt but then again I'm new at smoking... But also a life long fanatic of quality eastern Carolina style pulled pork. Any advice would be welcomed
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    Welcome ,NCinflorida . To our world , hope you find this a place to stay. [​IMG]  Please go to your profile and your location and also go to RollCall and get a big welcome from the bunch.

    Now , your querry , Butts are notorious for stalling and yours could go 8 hrs. or so... don't turn it up , just be patient.

    As you get into more Smoking , we'll be able to help you clarify your problems.

    Have fun and . . .
  3. Thanks OSBbq, I'm a 'bbq snob' and am now trying to master my skills as a smoker. Very frustrating and trying to learning the process. My first smoke was terrible, tough and over cooked. So I've been reading the forums for advice and decided to join and post.
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  4. Also, first time using my maverick remote thermometer. Do you guys thinks it's reliable?
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    Just remember the meat smoking mantra Low and Slow....Pork butts can and will stall, sometimes for hours and hours. I would unwrap that baby and continue on through the stall. It will all be worth it in the end. Get a beverage, kick back, play with the dog or the kids. Don't open the smoker unless you really need to. It will happen bud. Like old school said. Just be patient. Make sure your smoke is thin and blue and your beverage is cold. I like to have the baseball game on as well. You can count on that maverick. Take care and happy smoking. timber.
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  6. Thanks Timber.... I guess I thought I could 'plan' the timing but have learned that it isn't possible... There's a reason the best guys out there make the best....
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    By the way, how big is that Butt you have there? I usually figure 2 hours per pound and that most of the time it turns out pretty close to right. I had a butt stall for 11 hours once though. If you try to rush it through you will be sorry. You would be better off ordering pizza tonight and plan for pulled heaven tomorrow. Just my two cents. 
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    The Mavericks are pretty reliable... did you do the boiling water test on them to see how close they are ? This will let you rest at ease knowing they are very accurate ... as Old School said.. would you please update your location as this helps others give you more accurate info when answering questions without having to ask where you are located ...

    on a second note... we have a gathering coming up in Sebring and you, family, and friends are more than welcome to join us... here's a link to the thread...
  9. It's 3.5 timber and and what you've said is perfect... It seems to me ( at a novice level) that 1/2 per pound isn't right, 2 per seems like it should be the right time, not 1 & 1/2.
  10. Timber, it suddenly accelerated from 170 to 192 after stalling at 170 for an hour. So would you pull off at 195 or 200? Then how long would you lock it in the cooler?
  11. Alright so 195 now, pull or wait to 200 or 205?
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    203 for me... then cooler for at least an hour
  13. J
    Just pulled at 195 and through it in cooler... So an hour you think?
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    Well, how did it turn out? sorry I was busy smoking meat last night and didn't see your last posts. I take mine to 203. Double wrap in foil and cooler for at least an hour and up to 3.
  15. Timber, it turned out pretty good but not quite perfect, I pulled at 195 and wrapped an hour and it was almost there. Next time I'm going to try 205 and two hours in the cooler. I appreciate all the help!
  16. do not go by time or temp. use the poke test. perfect every time. start poking at 195. When the probe goes thru the meat with only a little resistance, it is done. Or if the bone wiggles freely, you are good to go.
  17. Vmastros, good advice. I'm learning that there are no rules, it's trial and error, and you have to practice. Someone on here said earlier 'it's done when it's done'. I think that's the best way to approach it!
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    Kinda weird?

    Many years ago lots of recipes gave weights, oven temps, and times?

    Once I got serious about this smoking thing, I only have a few items that I cook by time.  Or touch off the grill.  Or by how they "handle" when picked up with tongs.

    Now when people ask me about "cooking time", my eyes kinda glaze over?  It makes them wonder?

    But many folks just haven't discovered thermometers yet?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I only go by the two hours per pound thing for time management reasons. You kind of have to figure out when it might be done, or close. Like others have said, each piece of meat is different and it will be done when it is darn good and ready. This rule has served me well 99% of the time though. Yep I think 203 is my magic number after smoking who knows how many Butts. Also, double wrapping with foil and towels before placing in the cooler will allow it to continue cooking for a while and the temp can go up 5 degrees in an hour or two.
  20. Timber, That's the problem I ran to both smokes, time management. Hungry crowd expecting it at a certain time and I didn't allow enough cushion. Let me ask you another question, if I smoke say 3 3 pound butts, should I use 2 per pound per hour rule based on 3 pounds or 9?

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