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Discussion in 'Pork' started by husker3in4, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Ok, so its not my FIRST try, I have done maybe 3 in the past few years, but its been probably 2 years since I have tried one. I have my ribs down to just how I like them, they always turn out great! Now onto the butt, I smoked a 7lb boston butt (bone in), it took just over 8 hrs @ 250 degrees. I used apple pellets, kept the smoke going for the majority of the time. It turned out very tender, but.. it just didn't have as much flavor as I had hoped. The ribs I had done since I switched to using pellets turned out with even more smoke flavor than when I used chips, which is what I wanted. But the butt.. not sure what to do to get more smoke flavor.

    Here is what I did with the pork butt: Rinsed it, slathered it in mustard, applied my rub generously (same rub I use for ribs) Let sit for about 45 mins on the counter, put it in the smoker. I added more pellets during the smoke but otherwise never bothered the butt at all. I took it out of the smoker once the internal temp hit 200. I let it sit on the counter for another 30 mins before pulling. It was nice and tender, but missing the level of sweet smokey flavor I was going for. Im not a big fan of BBQ sauce on pulled pork, because even a little will completely take over the flavor and ruin it and also make it mushy.

    So, question #1: How do I get more flavor, especially more smoke flavor? Question #2: Ideally, id love to mimic Famouse Daves pork butt as it seems to be more "chunked" than pulled, and is full of flavor without being too hot. When I tried to "chunk" mine, it still just shredded because it was so tender. To achieve more of a chunking effect, should I totally cool and refrigerate before chopping it? Any advice is appreciated!
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