Smoking my first brisket, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jdeaston, May 23, 2014.

  1. I have had great luck with everything else I have smoked, but have never tried a brisket. I figure I will cook at 225, using a maverick et-733 to check temps. I figure ill pull it when internal temp hits 200. I've heard as far as a rub goes simple is better with brisket so I may just use salt and pepper.

    Does that sound about right? I don't plan on foiling it unless I have to, so will I need to baste it, if so with what? Any suggestions would be great, I know its gonna stall, I'm ok with waiting it out. Mainely I am curious about the rub and whether I should baste it if I don't foil it.
  2. Hello.  Hope the PM helps.

  3. Hey JD, brisket can be a little tricky. Allow plenty of time, I smoke at 225º not saying that is the only temp to smoke at just works for me. You can foil part way into your smoke.  Here is what I do, I'll pull my brisket out and let it sit while I getting my smoker fired up, I come in and trim it up (I buy a full packer) I trim the fat down to around 1/8 to 1/4 inch, Rub it down with salt and course ground black pepper, then on the smoker. I let it go for about 5 or 6 hours spritzing occasionally with apple juice. I pull it off wrap in butcher paper and back on the smoker for another 5 or 6

    When I take it off I'll wrap it in a couple of old towels and let it rest for and hour or so. (doesn't hurt to stay wrapped longer if needed. I started using butcher paper several years ago. Doesn't hold in all the moisture that the foil does, but does hold in some and allows a real nice bark. I have cooked so many briskets I can tell by the color and feel when it's ready. The foil will help insure the moisture, especially if your fairly new to smoking briskets
  4. Brisket went in at 5am, love the smell of a smoker fire in the early am. My neighbors don't though, they wake up hungry hah.. Thanks for all the help though, ill keep you posted on how it goes. Didnt do anything special for the rub, just mustard, salt and pepper.
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    Sounds good ! Can't wait to see some pics !
  6. Good morning JD,  I got mine on at 5:30 also a pork shoulder, Good luck and keep us posted also plenty of pictures. I am going to post my smoke in Smoking Meat Forum  (Beef)    I will title it "Saturday Brisket and other stuff"

    Gary S
  7. What an awesome way to spend time in the morning!!! Good Luck!!!

  8. Hey 5oclock, I am posting pictures as I go  "Saturday Brisket and Other Stuff "

    JD any pictures yet?

    Gary S

  9. Here is one four hours in.. So far everything is ok, I appear to have stalled at 147 internal temp, but I have plenty of time tk wait it out.
  10. Hey JD, looking good.   What temp are you smoking at ?

    Gary S
  11. Lookin Good? What kind of unit are you smoking on?
  12. Im just using a chargriller smoking pro.. Keeping the temp between 225-250.
  13. I use the chargriller outlaw. Same unit, just a little bigger. I love mine, it turned out some great Q. Looks like you're mastering your unit.

  14. They are good units for people not wanting to spend a ton of money..With a few mods they can be great units. I haven't really modded mine yet, though I will probably seal up some leaks in the near future. The only thing I have done so far is modify the ash tray in the side fire box and filled the ash trey in the main chamber with lava rock and turned it upside down. I am happy with it though, this is my first brisket but I have had great results with everything else.
  15. I did a bunch of mods to mine. One of the best things I did was buy a baffle for it from With the baffle I have even temps across the grate.

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    Instead of pulling at a specific temp, I'd go with a probe/poke test to see if it's ready.   Using a temp probe, skewer or toothpick, poke the brisket in different spots at the thickest part of the flat.   It should go in with very little resistance, like a knife through butter or whatever.    This might happen at 190, or 200, or 205.    Would be a shame to smoke a brisket for all that time only to pull it a bit early and have them come out dry and chewy, or a bit late and have it dry and crumbly.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion, ill check it with a toothpick periodically once it hits 195 or so.. I plan on warping it and sticking it in a cooler to let it rest, how long should I do that with brisket? I usually let pork butts rest for an hour or so.
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    Ideally, you'd want to let it rest for at least 1 hour.     No problems if you finish early as the brisket will do fine resting for a number of hours in a cooler.
  19. Thanks.. I don't have a time restraint so ill pull it when its ready and let it rest for an hour or so.. when I smoke I tell everyone it will be done she's done heh.. We usually work on sides while the meat rests.
  20. Pulled it off the grill at about 530 yesterday, let it rest until about 7.. It was amazing, very happy with it considering it was my first attempt. Sorry it took so long to get more pics up.

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