Smoking issues

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Dec 1, 2013
North Ridgeville, OH
Hello everyone, MES 30 owner, still quite new to the smoking.  So far I've done, burgers, a brisket, pulled pork, and currently have a beer can chicken going.  With each smoke I don't find it to be smokey enough.  I keep looking for the "blue smoke" but it seems like the chips are burning up rather quickly, when I add new chips the old ones have all turned to ash in about 15/20 mins.   It seems more like I'm baking at a low temp vice actually smoking the meat.  Its pretty cold here now, about 30 and some flurrys (i'll shovel snow to grill or smoke), but the smoker is nice and toasty on the inside.  Any tips?  Thanks everyone.  
the mes does go thru chips pretty quickly. And a lot of chips that you buy are dried out, flavorless tinder IMHO. I went to small chunks for my mes and never looked back. Much longer smoke time and much better flavor. Soon the AMAZN smoke generator folks will give their advice......
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Sean, after your first batch of chips do you add your second batch on top or empty the chip pan?  My first set of chips tend to go quickly but I add the next and following chips on top if the coals/ash and it produces better smoke and longer smoke.
SuperDave the first few smokes I just added about every 30/45 min. For the beer bird I'm doing its about every 15. I'm leaning towads poor chip quality is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.